CashNow Connect, a collaborative and intelligent solution for managing the account receivables.

CashNow Connect enables you to respond effectively to all of your issues of managing receivables and optimizing your cash flow.
Each step of the customer financial relationship is structured to encourage employee involvement, risk management and the reduction of the DSO

Versatility and expertise, an innovative approach for any type of organization

CashNow Connect allows the involvement and interaction between versatile employees (sales, sales administration, consultants, branch manager, etc ...) and experts (cash collector, accounting, credit management).
CashNow Connect is suitable both centralized and decentralized organizations


The exchanges are reinforced between people


Information and actions are not delayed anymore. Customer risk monitoring is optimized.


Productivity is significantly increased. Your time is rationalized


Actions are prioritized for increased efficiency


Wherever you are, access the status of your accounts receivable.


An easy handling for a quick spreading of the cash culture.

Increased productivity

Thanks to its wide functional coverage and the different modules of CashNow Connect, employees have a powerful tool allowing:
  • Detection of the risks of non-payment
  • Automation of tasks
  • Planning and prioritization of actions
  • The placing under control of outstanding customers
  • Credit and risk management
Productivité CashNow

Sharing and spreading

CashNow Connect significantly improves team productivity by promoting real-time sharing and spreading of information, as well as collaboration between teams.
Actions are scaled up for faster recovery and better risk management.

Accessibility of information

Your teams have easy access to quantitative and qualitative information (history of performance, current risk, aging balance, ongoing litigation, settlement promise, etc...) allowing you to follow and act on a daily basis:
Your processes are secure.

Additional modules adapted to your activity and your organization

Unbilled management module

The customer credit risk does not begin with the invoicing but from the order taking and the concretization of the services (manufacturing, shipping, delivery, advices, etc).

How can you manage your risk and speed up your billing?

The "Unbilled Management" module is used to manage the upstream billing by integrating the flow of forecasts, orders and invoices to be established in CashNow Connect: thanks to its functionalities, all stakeholders interact in real time for efficient billing.

These features allow:

  • Detection of billing delays
  • Identification of non-billing causes and sources of litigation (incomplete documentation, for example)
  • Implementation of actions to speed up the billing process
  • Comprehensive risk management with the integration of the unbilled in the monitoring of credit limits, and the complete vision of customer and project risk
  • Information sharing between sales representatives, sales administration and credit management
  • Billing forecast

The module "Unbilled Management" is relevant in many activities: manufacturing industry, services, distribution and computer integration, software, etc.

Project management module

Your activity is structured around the notion of project ? Your AR are broken down into several projects, which may involve different customers ?

How to distinguish projects in your AR, for risk management and effective cash collection ?

The "Project Management" module allows you to manage your customer risk (unbilled and billed) according to the project and project group analysis axis. These features allow:

  • Sharing adequate and targeted information with your sales organization (sales team, project manager, and sales administration)
  • Analysis of the contribution of each project to cash: over or under billing
  • Targeting collection actions

The "Project Management" module is relevant in many activities working with the project axis, including: BTP, consulting, IT services, distribution and solution integration, energy.

Organization management module

Your organization is global or local, multi-site, multi-country?

The "Organization Management" module is used to manage organizations of different sizes, located locally or internationally.

These features allow:

  • To manage several geographical or functional organizations, and thus allow a detailed and consolidated view of the client's risk
  • To Manage different currencies with ease and benefit from consolidation in the currency of your choice with one click
  • To offer a multilingual interface to your users

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An internet cloud solution, 100% mobile and flexible for more simplicity

Thanks to our secure SaaS Cloud solution, you can access your information and functionalities with complete mobility 24/24 and 7/7.
You are free from technical constraints and focus on value-added tasks.
CashNow Connect aggregates data from internal and external systems to the organization: our solution is compatible with all ERP / accounting software / CRM on the market as well as data from trade credit insurers and commercial information companies.